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[Jun. 14th, 2010|06:08 am]
Crafty Beatle fans



In the eight days to his 68th birthday, I will be sharing the drawings, illustrations and paintings I've done of Paul McCartney. This is DAY FOUR.

PARTY '64 is one of my earliest "digital collages." The illustrations of Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor, Bob Dylan and Paul McCartney were combined with photographs of three men in suit coats, a woman in a low-cut dress and a hand holding a glass of wine. All placed in a "room" made up of photographs of furniture and windows. Many of the photo-images were lo-rez. It was all place on layers in Photoshop. Some "torn-effects" were created with Photoshop masks and a drop shadow effect.

All of this was printed out on heavy paper. Many of the colors came out muted and washed out. The photos were pixelated and blurry.

It was recolored and redefined with colored pencils and ink.

It was one of my earliest "digital collages."

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[User Picture]From: slatts
2010-06-14 09:06 pm (UTC)

No apologies...

Let's walk away from this as friends.
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