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craftybeatles's Journal

Crafty Beatle fans
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A community where Beatles fans can comingle and share their Beatle themed art!
Are you a fan of The Beatles? Are you an artist? or crafter? Do you find the four lads from Liverpool often invading your paintings? perhaps their the muse for your latest photography project? Have you somehow made more Beatles themed clothing then you know what to do with?

Well then, this is the place for you! Feel free to share your Beatle themed art amoungst other fans, artists, crafters or lovers of art!


~Please put things under an LJ cut for people who may have slower modems. Also, if there is any adult and/or slash themed work, make sure to tag as ADULT in your lj cut.
~Please DO introduce yourself! Don't be shy :)
~Please keep things fun. I'd like this to be a very welcoming community as I know it can be difficult for some to show their art to others (trust me, I know this feeling all to well!). Positive feedback and constructive criticism are allowed, if I see any negative comments or harsh criticism, it will be deleted and the offending member will be warned and possibly kicked out.

Most of all, have fun with it and show us what ya' got!

Every other week a new Beatle art challenge is posted. Feel free to submit ideas for upcoming challenges!

How do I post to Beatle art challenges?
Easy! Just post an entry and title or lj-cut with "Beatles art challent #__" each challenge is numbered and has a specific theme.
There is no deadline, whenever you feel the need to do a specific challenge; go for it! Just let us know which challenge it is!

current challenges:
Beatle Art Challenge #7: LOVE
Beatle Art Challenge #6: HELP!
Beatle Art Challenge #5: Lovely Linda
Beatle Art Challenge #4: Going Green with The Beatles
Beatle Art Challenge #3: Favorite song
Beatle Art Challenge #2: The White Album
Beatle Art Challenge #1: Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

Note: you can post any kind of art you want! Don't worry about the themes/challenges, this is just to help get the ball rolling and such!